Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

In approximately 16 days, we will be welcoming 2015. If the new year is anything like 2014, I am going to need a new seat belt, because the one I'm wearing now is just about worn out! Nowadays, I am focusing on the present moment, and it is no easy process. It's the dedication, the will, making a choice and abiding by it, to focus in and on the "now." I have had some challenges this year. Back in July, I was guided and inspired to live in silence. It was hell for a few weeks.Some days, I wanted to fucking scream, to drown out all that silence. For the first time in my life, I came face to face, or ear to ear, with a constant stream of judgments, criticisms, complaints, blame. Unbelievable. I knew something would give, as I made the decision that if I am going to live in silence, I'm not sharing it with those kinds of thoughts! So there was nothing to do but to deal with them. Not engage them, but to look at them and declare them "false."

2.  In August, I began consistently practicing restorative yoga as soon as I awakened. Then I added a morning meditation and an evening meditation to my day. I became aware of some channeled transmissions in September that assisted me in understanding how to eliminate this tension and separation between the right and left brain, between the feminine and masculine energy. The silence of course eased the blasts of energy from the left/masculine so that the feminine or right side could be heard. Now I am asking for a balancing and recalibration of the feminine and masculine energy of all of my bodies: physical, emotional and mental, since the feminine and masculine polarity are permeating all the bodies.

3.  Towards the end of September, I became aware of the need to give up dairy products. I don't know if it's the chemicals in dairy, or what. All I know is that for about 3 weeks, I was so congested and felt so out of sorts in my body, that it really didn't matter and still doesn't what the cause might be. I do take in about a fourth of a cup of dairy now, every week, sometimes, and I am fine. I no longer take the lactaid tablets, and I feel much better. I sleep better. I rarely have gas and indigestion. I began drinking cucumber and alfalfa juice, with a little honey and lime, which is a shift from having a small can of coca-cola in the mornings. I didn't have it everyday, but one or two days a week, but it wasn't the best way to start my day. Next is gluten. I'm not going to totally eliminate it, but I will move towards drastically reducing it. I love bread and pasta, and even with a regular exercise routine, they can pack on the pounds, and make me feel groggy.

4.  Make no mistake about it. When the belief system shifts, everything else must shift and recalibrate to the frequency of the new beliefs. When old beliefs go, then there is the old in the physical and emotional body that will naturally make its exit. Until those shifts and recalibrations are complete, there is some discomfort. But now I know that discomfort signals the coming of an expanded state and a physical reality to reflect it. Life is good and it's
getting better and better.

So for 2015, it's the balancing and recalibration of all of my bodies, and I expand in and with silence and meditation.

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