Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I would recommend A Course in Miracles to anyone who is interested in coming to an awareness about the belief in separation, and discovering the impact that this belief system has had on the mind and on the world. I would not, however, recommend that anyone conclude that ACIM is all there is to deprogramming or unlearning the belief in separation. All that ACIM does is free the mind from the ego, so that it is able to rejoin the heart, so that one can begin to "remember" the wholeness that we are. Heart and mind functioning in unity and creating in relationship with the Source of all That Is, All that We are.

And to become aware of functioning in unity and relationship, I would recommend A Course of Love trilogy, which includes ACOL, The Treatises, and The Dialogues.

I spent approximately 15 years in ACIM. But that is because I was resistant to the teachings. There is no reason, as far as I am concerned, why anyone who is committed and willing to return to who they truly are, to stay in ACIM for such a long time.

It is from ACOL that I received the awareness of why I am here. I like to say that ACIM saved my life, and ACOL trilogy taught me what to do with it.

So be it. And so it is.

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