Monday, July 21, 2014

Time Acceleration

Last night I had to get my items for August' ezine in for editing. I can't begin to tell you how time is flying by. It seems as if I just gathered all the information for the July edition. I remind myself all the time about the "collapse of time" that is actually occurring. Sometimes I like it, and at other times I feel like things are going way too fast for me to actually enjoy them. What's even more alarming is that I know that I have control over my time now. Managing and manipulating energy is real new to me, and I guess I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I just finished making my son a quilt for his 30th birthday. Everybody gets something handmade for their 30th birthday. Well, not everybody. Just my children.

We had the baby shower for my 9th grandchild last weekend too. It seems like that came and went at lightening speed. I have a list of things to do in my house and while I can see everything in completion, I just don't know if it will all happen this summer. I started in the kitchen today, reserving a week for each room, still having to attend to my gardens, the one in front and the one in the back. And of course I have all the writing that I do: the workplace blog, the ezine, and I am back to working on the Sessions in Shifting, after having a serious block that I was starting to get a little concerned about. Then I realized that they needed some adjustments to compensate for all the information that I have been receiving in the past 2 months. Revelation is just pouring through me.

The decision to live in silence has helped tremendously. I was so accustomed to getting up in the morning and turning my music on, and then turning on the spanish television channel for listening practice. Now when I awaken I start my meditation of "acceptance" and go straight to restorative yoga for 20-30 minutes. Directing the energy the first thing in the morning makes a big difference in how my day unfolds. I was going a bit nuts there for a while, at least the first week of silence because all of my thoughts seem to be coming through on a bull horn. After reading a passage out of ACOL, I realized that this is natural. So now when some unpleasant thought comes up, I can smile, even laugh knowing that it's like shit rising to top to be released.

Here are some photos of my garden, the on in the back.The green pot is gladiolas and some wild flowers that are supposed to attract bumble bees; on the bottom, about center is purple and green okra. I wasn't here last year when it was ready, but I will be this year. To let left of the okra is mellon. I planted too many, I think, and what's worse is
that I haven't seen one mellon. If I don't get any
I am planting something else next year. My
fruit plants don't seen to fare as well as my veggies. Anyway, there are jalapenos and some
other pepper that is coming along next to the
okra. In the plot to the right of the green pot are
broccoli, turnips, and some other peppers. To the right of them are green,yellow and purple string beans and russian brown cucumbers. They are amazing. And of course to the right is my laundry.

Here are some other photos:Below are the tomato plants. They're huge, but I planted some orange grape tomatoes, and they are absolutely delicious. I just have to figure out how I can cook with them. In that green pot is the vicious mint. I had to take that stuff out of the ground, because it takes over everything. I am still pulling mint out of the front yard.

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