Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Gift of Channeling

We have all been given the gift of channeling; however, we do have a choice about what we channel. We have access to two sources of information: the belief system of separation and the Unified Field of Consciousness, what some of us call God, Goddess or All that Is, the Universe, etc. Information channeled from the belief in separation is characterized by fear, judgment, lack, limitation and scarcity. The messages affirm that forces and conditions outside of ourselves are responsible for our  life's circumstances: economics, politics, genes, history, religion, etc. 95% of the information that guides our life experience comes from this source.  Then there is the Unified Field of Consciousness or All that Is. For thousands of years, we have believed that we are separate from the Universe, that "All That Is" is a being who sits in a far off place, taking notes and passing judgment. Now there is a growing awareness that human beings are God and it is the power of thought that connects us to It. The information from this Source reflects the unlimited potential of every human being on the planet. This information affirms the unlimited power that we have to create a reality on earth that supports and promotes the well-being of all life on the planet, and the knowledge to do so is available and can be transmitted from the Field.  These messages are characterized by ideas of love and well-being that do not and cannot co-exist with the messages that are channeled from the belief in separation.  The gift of channeling has been given to all as we are all aspects of All That Is;  however, because we are human beings, we have the freedom to choose which messages we want to channel: those from the All That Is or those from the belief in separation. The overwhelming decision to channel the belief in separation is reflected on the earth at this time. What we are beginning to observe more of is an unprecedented shift in our consciousness,  where more of us are making the choice to channel information from All That Is.

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