Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy February! Thanks for stopping by. This is just a note to remind you that I am in the process of integrating the Transforming the American Workplace blog, the IWP Shift in Consciousness Ezine, and my personal, unedited and uncut, Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts & Transformations blog. Everything seems to be unfolding in divine order. I couldn’t have selected a better time to do this integration. With the rapid deterioration of the old narrative, folks are looking for a new way. Many of us know that the conflict and discord that the planet is mired in cannot continue. It seems we are witnessing the limits of suffering.

On another note, the catalogues are pouring in as we approach what I love the most about summer, gardening. I will be sharing photos and garden stories. My journal is filled with gardening ideas, and notes from some thought provoking reading that I am engaged in. Notably, I want to share with you the New Monastic movement which I have become a part of.  I have been attracted to the contemplative life for a while now, and it seems that my desire to integrate the monastic life with and in all that I do has received a response. But I will share more in the new publication, which should be ready on or about March, 2017. No exact date right now.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the beautiful winter and the exciting changes that are occurring on the planet. Remember to stay in the present moment, stay in love, and most of all, remember that time is embraced by eternity.  The old narrative is not going out without a roar. 

Also during the week you can find me and the Call, Rap & RealTalk about the “belief in working hard and earning a living” on Twitter, “most” Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For those of you who might need a little inspiration to get you through your week or through these turbulent times, you can go to Akilah t’Zuberi’s New Earth Advocate on Facebook.

In joy. ~Akilah 

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